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Price of Hearing Aid + Fitting Fee ($500) = Total Price

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Step 1: Select the appropriate hearing aid style and technology level based on lifestyle, budget, and needs

Step 2: Add the Hearing Device Fitting and Orientation

Hearing Device Fitting: includes hearing aid evaluation and dispensing fee, real-ear verification, instructions on device maintenance, and 60 days of follow-up care to ensure a proper fitting ($500 non-refundable fitting fee)

Step 3: (Optional) Add three year service plan: covers all office visits, hearing device cleanings, wax removal, and batteries for three years ($750) *Does not include diagnostic hearing tests, extended warranties, out-of-warranty repairs or ear molds

Standard Visits: Unbundled, Out-of-pocket cost that insurance typically 

does not cover ($50-65, subject to price increase)

Step 4: (Optional) Select accessories and/or rechargeable upgrade


Earmolds, Custom Hearing Protection, Bluetooth Accessories, Battery and 

Charging Options, and/or Miscellaneous Accessories and Supplies

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 Appropriate for Individual Conversation

✓ 3 year warranty
Noise Suppression
$1100 each
$2200 pair

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